A Sneaky Secret About Maintaining or Losing Weight

Can you believe the balls in that statement, as if I know the secret?

I mean really.

But, I know one secret and it’s this–you have to be bold to fight against weight gain.

Here’s the deal. If we’re talking about weight loss…and who isn’t these days, we need to talk about sugar. WAIT!!

I’m not a sugar hater! I’m not going to take your sugar away. Not by a long shot.

I’m in love with sugar.

I’d marry it if the US wasn’t so conservative about that kind of thing.

Confession: If I didn’t feel like total crap the next day AND I could maintain my weight I would eat candy excessively. Specifically, that caramel candy donut with the white powdered sugar in the center.

I respect candy. Candy doesn’t try to be anything else but what it is.

Candy is a sweet, superficial, exclamation point of a food.

It’s okay to eat a little candy, a little bakery, a donut now and then-it’s not toxic in small amounts nor is it dirty eating or anything of the sort.

Candy-ON Wayne.

The thing we have to watch is the sugar that is added to our otherwise healthy foods that turn unsuspecting dairy, condiments, bread, and yogurt into candy.

Watch this.

Here’s you at lunch trying to eat healthy.

A piece of bread  a 100% whole wheat bread from Brownberry has 4 grams of sugar per slice. This means that there is one teaspoon of sugar in each slice of bread which adds 16 calories to each slice. If you make a sandwich that is 32 calories more than you need because you can make bread without that much sugar.

Then you add a yogurt?

One cup of Dannon Activa Greek Yogurt is 34 to 40 grams of sugar (depending on the flavor). That means there is about 9 teaspoons of sugar in that yogurt and 120 calories of sugar and that’s before you get to the white stuff.  Your yogurt is candy.

So in a meal of 2 pieces of bread and a cup of yogurt you are consuming 150 calories of sugar. Sugar that you don’t get to enjoy like candy. Sugar you are eating when you think you are being virtuous. Sugar that isn’t as fun as candy.

You know how many gummy bears you can eat for that?


Sugar  amps up the calories of your food and possibly throws your calorie consumption into the too high arena.

So here’s you, trying to be good everyday by eating some whole grain bread and yogurt and you do it every day for 6 months.

6 months (180 days) X 150 cals (accidental candy eaten in the form of supposed healthy foods) = 27,000 calories eaten in sugar. Divide this by 3500 (amount of calories in a pound of fat) = 7.8 pounds that you don’t lose or pounds that you gain by eating in sneaky sugar.

BUT let’s be clear.

You only gain this weight if the yogurt and bread are eaten in excess of your calorie needs.

You don’t gain weight just by eating sugar.

But, say, every food you eat has sugar in it. That is what nickels and dimes your diet to death.

All that sugar in your diet adds up and explains why you are gaining while eating supposedly healthy OR you aren’t losing because your diet is being highjacked by hidden sugar.

My point is this-The sugar hidden in your foods is sneaky calories that you can do without.

Here’s how you read labels.


Look under in the label under SUGARS. If there is a number there, like say 16 grams, that equal 4 teaspoons of sugar. 4 grams = 1 teaspoon of sugar (I make this conversion for you because I don’t have any idea what a gram looks like).

If you want to know how many calories that sugar amounts to in that food take the grams and multiply by 4 because 1 gram = 4 calories.

TAKE AWAY: It’s the sneaky sugar in foods that makes weight loss so hard and weight gain so easy.

I hope this makes you mad and gives you the tools you need to teach others.

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