We nutrition educators go on and on about moderation, nutrients, and calories when all you want is an answer to the simple, What should I eat for breakfast?

Let’s do this in the easiest way possible.

What should I eat for breakfast? It’s 5 O’clock somewhere. Well, it’s lunch and dinner somewhere too.

So eat what you like when you like. I am not a fan of traditional, easily accessible, breakfast foods because of the high sugar content, added calories, and how they make me feel (like I ate dessert). Don’t limit yourself to “breakfast foods” like pancakes, juice, cereal and/or a bagel. I wrote about hidden sugar here and how to find it and calculate it.

Recap: So in a meal of 2 pieces of bread and a cup of yogurt you are consuming 150 calories of sugar (NOT 150 total calories). Sugar that you don’t get to enjoy like candy. Sugar you are eating when you think you are being virtuous. Sugar that isn’t as fun as candy.

So, what should I eat for breakfast? I’ll tell you but you can’t get all judge-y on me

Pick 2 complex carbohydrates and 1 protein from the following lists

Pick 1 from here:  Complex Carbohydrates

  • whole wheat bread shape of choice (toast, waffle, pita, bagel) oatmeal, wild or brown rice, quinoa, what if i don’t eat wheat, barley, go nuts with the grains

Pick 1 from here: Protein

  • Veggie, burger, plain Greek yogurt, cheese stick, coffee with milk, hummus, eggs, tofu, cottage cheese, ricotta, almonds, almond butter, Peanut butter powder

Pick 1 from here:  Complex Carbohydrates

  • Any fruit, vegetable, legume, salsa, kale, spinach, cabbage, tiny peppers, tomatoes, sweet potato, everything is okay.


I try everything together. I put veggie burgers on waffles, I put Peanut butter powder in Greek yogurt, I put peanuts in cottage cheese with salsa (and that sounds weird but it was good I’m just saying).

Breakfast Bummers:

Most breakfast bars, granola bars, granola, cereals, juices, pop-tarts, Nutri grain bars are filled with lots of promises and pseudo-nutrition. They want you to think they are a kind of super food, but in fact they are a kind of super lie.

Here’s what I want from breakfast. I want to make it to lunch. I want energy. I want my body to burn calories, save muscle and not assist my weight from creeping up on the scale. No one every has ever eaten a Nutri grain bar and patted their stomach in satisfaction saying, “Wow, I feel satisfied and ready to take on the world.” But, I kind of feel that way after a little hummus on a waffle or some greek yogurt mixed with almonds and a banana.

Here’s something I LOVE.

Fat free cottage cheese pureed. A sweet potato baked and peeled and added to the pureed cottage cheese. Add Splenda to taste and pumpkin pie spice. This is high protein, low fat, high fiber and wonderful.

Gross you say? No it’s not.

I thought we talked about you being so judge-y.