Love, Thanks, Hello – these are my favorite words.

I can tell they are my favorite words because I use them non-stop in my speaking and my writing.

Love, Thanks, Hello

I have a writer friend named Craig Childs and he posted this on Facebook the other day.

“Jasper (his son) says to me, “You have two responsibilities, one is to write your book and make money, the other is to love and care for us. Why do people work? To make money so we can have food so we can live. Why do we live? To love each other.”

Whenever I’m feeling frustrated, under appreciated, or generally uninspired to continue to say ‘yes’ to moving and ‘no’ to a cookie again, I ask myself this…what decision is going to help me care for others more?

What is going to strengthen my abilities to care for the planet, help girls (and vis a vis boys)  and write stories that matter.

Then I choose Love, Thanks Hello instead of Frustration, Despair, and Cookies.

I think our job on this planet it to care for each other. Let’s just hold hands and stick together on this.