Let’s not gain weight this winter Ok?

Here are 5 things that will help.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, I need 20 ideas to not gain weight. Or 200. How about 200 and then maybe I’ll have a chance this year. A chance to not enter the spring months carrying, what amounts to toddler strapped around my belly or ass, (you pick). 

This is NOT a post about dieting.
I’m a no-diet girl because diets cause eating disorders (Yes they do), failure (they suck) and a kind of obsession that should only be used when trying to learn a new language or a new neruo-surgery technique. Not for something lovely and enjoyable as eating. I love eating.

I don’t want to devote myself to not eating.

So you know, I’ve been teaching nutrition for 19 years and been managing my own weight for a LOT longer than that. A LOT.

This is not a recipe for skinniness, it is a recipe for health.

Here’s what I know:

  • In this world, if you aren’t watching your weight you’re gaining weight. There’s no way around it. If you aren’t carefully listening to your body and gauging your hunger, fullness and emotions then choosing your food carefully, you are most likely eating too many calories. I say this because 100% of the time there is too many calories within easy reach. This article is fascinating …FACTORS THAT INCREASE THE FOOD INTAKE…OF UNKNOWING CONSUMERS∗It’s a war zone for weight management out there–watch your back (Or you know, your belly).
  • Stop thinking exercising is how you manage weight and start thinking about how much you love your body and how badly it wants to wiggle a little. Then just wiggle as much as you can. The thing is, exercise can’t undo too much eating. Your body is made in the kitchen. If you burn 500 calories on the elliptical and then eat a Starbucks chocolate chunk cookie at 370 calories–well you can see where I’m going. So how much exercise and what should you eat? Check this out and see if that helps. Also, I put this app on my phone to remind myself to wiggle a little.
  • Make a Rule. I’m a total rule breaker but sometimes I set a rule to shoot for. I say, “no sugar during the day.” Or, “no sugar during the week.” Or, I say, “Oh shut up with your rules Ann” and then I start again. It’s a fail, fail, and win strategy that just keeps me going on a sort-of right path. Pick a rule that will help you with your weakness and see how that goes.
  • I’m a messy advice giver but I’m trying.
  •  Here’s a rule I rarely break. Sleep. You won’t chop vegetables if you’re tired. You won’t resist the candy within reach. You won’t exercise if you are too tired to find your shoes. Your body won’t manage sugar well and you will gain weight. Please don’t start with me about sleep… I gave up the struggle long ago and I sleep everywhere.
  • Next let’s work on your hunger.

     Try to keep it at bay with smart snacks. I don’t drink diet soda and eat carrots because it makes me ravenous. I do eat 100 Cal packs of Almonds with a latte (after a 10 minute nap). I eat a little cheese with my apple. I keep no sugar Greek yogurt nearby and put almonds in it. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and little snacks in between because if I don’t I will try to find my kids candy and eat it while making dinner. Want to know what to eat? Read this.

Back to this idea of skinniness. I’ve never been fat free and these days I don’t look that great skinny.  I just look tired.  I read a quote once by Lauren Hutton (I think, but Google is failing me right now) and it’s this.

So eat some plants, try one of these 5 ideas and let me know how it goes for you come spring.