Less Hustle, More Joy.

I spend so much time thinking about this idea it gets in the way of my Netflix streaming/binging.

Here’s what I know. If the culture (looking at you Oprah, Victoria Secret, Martha Stewart) can convince you that you don’t have The Life You Want, that your pores should not exist, that you need more baskets for organization, then you will spend money and time fixing those things. And they will make money while you run those fools errands.

Hustle. Hustle. Hustle, students of the culture. No joy for you.

If they can convince you, then you will go to a seminar that tells you that you need to be your best self every day, that you need to make enough money to get rid of the lines on your face, lines you have earned living, I might add. That you will squint at your living room and decide that everything his wrong and you need to create a new haven. A haven outside of yourself.


I say, with a British accent (because I listen to Agatha Christie when I drive to work). Bullocks.

But bullocks is not enough. I just spoke about this at the Dream Bank in Madison Less Hustle and a woman looked at me and said, “Okay but how do I get from the hustle place to the bullocks place without feeling bad. Without feeling guilty, inadequate, weak, vulnerable to judgement, ashamed that I can’t handle the heat, and okay with myself?

That is THE question, isn’t it?

The answer to all hard questions is to make a chart.

Always make a chart.

But before the chart, write down a list of things that you value the most in your life.

Here’s mine: Health & Joy d’vie, Family/Relationships/Dogs/, Work/Speaking/Writing,House/Life Maintenance

Next you need three columns. On the left side list the hustle you’d like to reduce.

In the center how you feel when you consider hustling less. Dive in. Lean into the discomfort and figure out where it comes from and how much is it worth to you to hang on to it.

On the right consider something that you might do to help, even if you aren’t ready for it.

Here’s Mine:

Hustle 2 Reduce                                     Feeling_____________                            Do                                                      

worry about my belly,                          Why aren’t I perfect?                                 Be grateful for my awesome ass (lol)

fund raising, potlucks                           Guilty and not doing my share               Evaluate in a real way, look at data

cleaning, email, book promo                Anxious, harassed, angry                       Pay for help. Get counseling

committee work, volunteering            Competitive, over achiever                      Own it, get counseling, meds?

Yes to stuff I should no to.                    Frustrated. Again, Ann again??              Slow down and evaluate

students who piss  me off                      Worried-I am not good at my job          Let it go. Counseling.


Now translation for the chart. If your hustle conflicts with your values in life, don’t do it. Don’t invest in the stuff you don’t value. Don’t put time, energy or money into it.

If you feel bad, try and dive into why you feel bad and see if it’s working for you. If you can clearly see that it isn’t working for you get help from friends, therapists, medication, cleaning people, or who or whatever can help you fit your values to your life.

Try. Try. Try again until you get it right.

I’m trying to keep this short so I’m simplifying.

It takes a little hustle to hustle less.

It takes a little hustle to hustle less. Want more? Come to the BRAVA thrive Luncheon Less Hustle More Health