I Thought You Said This Would Work

This is both the title of my new book and what I say to my writer friends, agent, and publisher.

I say, “I wrote this book, do you like it? Is it working?”

And my people say, “Sort of, kind of, maybe, almost. Try this.”

Then I go back and I work and write and problem solve. I show it to my people and when they say get back to work, I say,

UGH, I thought you said this would work.

And finally, after time, my people say. “Hey, this works!”

In fact, this happened, I wrote this book, I sold it and it’s coming out April 2021 and this is what it’s about.


Samantha Holton and Holly Dunfee have two things in common. It’s not Samantha’s unwavering confidence conflict avoidance will lead to a happy life, nor is it Holly’s take-no-prisoners attitude or blistering sense of humor. Nope, the only things they have in common are that they despise each other and they love their best friend of twenty-five years, Katie Martin, their shared roommate in college.

The trouble is, Katie Martin’s cancer is back with a vengeance. Neither Samantha nor Holly can imagine a world without their friend in it and the two frenemies would do anything to make Katie’s life better even travel cross-country together to save Katie’s diabetic Great Pyrenees from euthanasia and bring the dog home.

To succeed, they will have to steal Katie’s ex-husband’s Winnebago, locate the dog, brave prejudice, a violent trucker, and their own crappy history and narrow-minded thinking. But neither woman will do Katie any good if they don’t confront a secret from their past that has weakened their bond. A bond that if strengthened, could be enough to save them all.

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