1. The first installment in our Feel Better Challenge was to just take a look at how you’re doing?

How you doin’?

Where are you with this change thing? Make no mistake a Feel Better-anything is going to involve change.

2. The Second installment asked you, what does feel better mean? Better than what? What are you missing?

3. The third one is to get you started by thinking small. Nope, not very American.

We’re all about size matters all about the go big or go home way of thinking.

Not me though I want you to think small.

4. This fourth one? This one is all about what is in your way?

I see this. People get motivated–“I’m going to get anti-depressant meds, I’m going to start exercising. I’m going to eat more vegetables, get more sleep, stop chewing my nails.”

They are so fired up that they think their motivation and general will power will take them through.

Then a cookie stares them down like a dude in a singles bar and boom your knickers are in a twist.

OR, the alarm has gone off and the thought of getting out of bed, getting dressed, and moving with exercise purpose feels like lifting a wet bag of sand into a luggage rack on a small airplane-y’know. Cuz, I totally know.

That cookie is in your way. That tired feeling, your favorite blankie, your black out blinds, yet. They are like goalies in a big hockey game. They are good at the game and you, you give up.

So let’s take a look at that.


What is in your way?

Don’t say the usual, I don’t have time. I mean, I already know you don’t have time. I don’t have time either but I make time for Pinterest. I like to look at the tiny homes people build that have like 400 square feet. If I have time for that tiny home I have time for a good floss, a Kagel clench. Dig deeper. 


How are you going to move your block out of the way?

Medicine? Therapy? A Good friend? A Fitbit?

What can you do for yourself that would help? Think if your friend came to you for help and you had to problem solve it for them. Now turn it in on yourself.


What do you need to know? Take a minute to Google Ted Talks for motivation. Read up on why you should floss, nap, eat kale.

Sometimes it’s just a little education that will shove you over the edge from thinking to doing.

When you have an idea, share it here. Everybody needs a little help. Let’s hold hands and stick together.