I’m not a consistent person. I never do something the same way twice. It’s just not my way. In organization,  decide on a white board, move to a loose leaf binder, then to post-it’s on the wall, then to a pile on the floor. I put all my shirts in one closet and sure as shoot’n a dress will find it’s way into that system, then another dress, then a pair of pants.

I always say if you want to know anything about me, just look at my hair. That tells you everything. So I don’t judge others. I’m not a judger

But, I went to a bloggers retreat in Canada and, I learned something about myself. I am consistent about one thing.

My purpose: I want you to feel better.

My message: Come sit by me and feel better

My tone: Is friendly, supportive, warm and trustworthy

My content: As right as I can possibly make it.

Every other week for 52 weeks. *cringe* *must be consistent* *must try* I will give you ideas for feeling better.

We will work together on this, we will be feel-better pals. I will think about you in the night while dreaming up ideas to help you feel better. I will drive to work composing this blog in my head with you in mind. You name it, I’ll be thinking about it.

Really, you name it. Send me suggestions, tell me what you want. I will do my best.

These things I offer will be small — my job is to set you up for success.

I will assess, consider, and educate. ACE

For week one:

Get a notebook for this. Pretty, plain, electronic, whatev.  Attach a before photo. I don’t care what the photo is of–maybe feeling better to you is about your skin, your belly, your nails–Take a photo. Attach a photo.

A: Write down how you feel now and how you hope to feel after 52 weeks.

C: Consider the last time you felt really, really good. What was going on in your life then. Consider how you feel when you feel good. Maybe you feel good right now? How is that for you? What might change in your life when you achieve your goals?

E: Take this quiz to see if you are ready for a change:


NOW–in the comments section write your A: C: E: respond if you’d like to share.

And then, hey–come sit by me and feel better!