Eating healthy shouldn’t be a career choice.

~ Alana Jo Abate Hitchens wrote this too me when we were chatting on Facebook and I thought, Yep, it shouldn’t be.

More and more when I’m teaching my Nutrition classes, I find myself teaching my students how to combat the craziness surrounding food.

Stick with this post and I’m going to give you 2 things to keep in mind all day, every day to help you.


Because I love you like that. Totally. *fist pump

1. Marketing:

I’ve written about this before here-If manufacturers can make you think a food is healthy or good for you they know you will buy it. A good example of this is the Smart Choices logos on Fruit Loops (which is perfect irony) OR as reported in today’s New York Times, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND, formerly the American Dietetic Association) has licensed its Kids Eat Right seal to—HOLD ON– Kraft Singles.

It ain’t right.

Marketing is not Education

Tattoo this on your forearm.

2. Distractors:

So often I see wonderful people being distracted from eating a healthy diet.

Distractors like: Juicing to rid the body of toxins, debates about what cave men ate, high protein, no carbohydrate, eating according to blood types and every other thing that could distract us from what we should be focusing on.

Heres what we know fo sho:

Consuming piles of Saturated Fat, sugar, and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and alcohol is killing the American public.

Check this out here but seriously take a Xanx first because this is a game of This Is Your Life, and it’s going to take a minute to pull yourself together after.

The only way not to end up “dark orange” on the map (from once sentence up) is to stop getting distracted by the way Americans eat and focus on what we know. REALLY KNOW. About food.

My gift to you is here.

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This is my love letter from me to you.