(to my students)

“Caveat Emptor!”



*blank Look*

(Apparently they did not see the Brady Bunch episode where I learned about that phrase, so they do not understand my excitement).



“Let the buyer Beware!”

(said with serious wisdom imparting face)



*blank look*

A few scratch.



“If someone has something to sell remember information they provide has a bias. Therefore, beware the protein powders, the Acai berry, the vitamin supplements for “energy”.



(*reach for their smart phone to play candy crush*)




“Buy my book!”

cut to: discomfort


Imagine my discomfort going from pure educator with nothing to sell except health, to a fiction writer who only gets to continue writing and publishing, if people buy my book.

Now, I have to ask friends, acquaintances, waiters, crossing guards and the woman who cleans my teeth to buy my book. For a girl who doesn’t like to ask for help, hates conversations about money, and generally sweats during all bank transactions, it’s misery.


So I am going to give it to you straight here.


THE DOG YEAR has a little bit of a lot of things for you.

It’s a story of a person who made good decisions her whole life who starts making bad decisions because of grief, life-long insecurities and a little bit of garbage she’s hung on to since high school (no this is not an autobiography).


The book is about friends, strangers and yes dogs who become more than just friends, strangers and dogs. They become family. Life savers. Oxygen.


If you like this post, you’re likely to like this book. I’m told reading

one of my books is like coming to sit by me.


Option 1. If you want to give it a gander go here read the first chapter—see if it grabs your interest. If you pre-order the book now it is the least expensive version you will find for a long time! This is where you can pre-order it.

Option 2. Maybe you don’t buy books. Maybe you use our library system-I know I do.  Maybe you’d still like to help. Here’s how.

SHARE this l like a mother.  Forward it like the you tube videos, Gangnam Style, like Charlie Bit my Finger.


Then, tell your librarian you’d like to have it available to readers.



The power of word of mouth is stronger than any other thing in the world for authors.


The Big Finish.

My mission is to get girls out of lives of poverty and prostitution. If I make royalties, I give a portion of those royalties here. (insert girl effect video can we imbed it here? If I don’t make royalties I give anyway.  Find out more about how I do that here.


Now, come sit by me and read…