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I Like You Fine cover

I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around

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Tig Monahan, radio therapist, finds out the hard way that nothing is fair in love and war….or family.

Everything is falling apart in psychologist, Tig Monahan’s life. Her mother’s dementia is wearing her out, her boyfriend takes off for Hawaii without her, and her sister inexplicably disappears leaving her newborn behind.

When a therapy session goes horribly wrong, Tig finds herself unemployed and part of the sandwich generation trying to take care of everyone and failing miserably. Just when she thinks she can redefine herself on the radio, as an arbiter of fairness, she discovers a family secret that nobody saw coming.

It will take everything plus a sense of humor to see her way clear to a better life, but none of that will happen if she can’t let go of her past.


The Dog Year book coverMore about The Dog Year Dr. Lucy Peterman was not built for a messy life. A well-respected surgeon whose patients rely on her warmth, compassion and fierce support, Lucy has always worked hard and trusted in the system. She’s not the sort of person who ends up in a Twelve-Step program after being caught stealing supplies from her hospital. But that was Lucy before the accident — before her husband and unborn baby were ripped away from her in an instant, before her future felt like a broken promise. Caught red-handed in a senseless act that kept her demons at bay, she’s faced with a choice: get some help, or lose her medical license. Now, she’s reluctantly sharing her deepest fears with a bunch of strangers, avoiding her loneliness by befriending a troubled girl, pinning her hopes on her husband’s last gift, and getting involved with a rugged cop from her past. It’s only when she is adopted by a stray mutt and moves her group to the dog park that she begins to truly bond with the rag-tag dog-loving addicts—and discovers that a chaotic, unplanned life might be the sweetest of all…



Advance Praise for THE DOG YEAR

(pub date June 2014)

“I know of few authors who are funnier or more sympathetic than Ann Garvin, and I know of few heroines more in need of comic relief and sympathy than Dr. Lucy Peterman. This novel will make your stomach hurt with laughter and your heart ache with sadness. The Dog Year is a kind, gentle, honest look at a woman whose life has come apart and a survivor who puts it all back together.” New York Times bestselling author Wiley Cash Author of A Land More Kind Than Home & the upcoming This Dark Road to Mercy

“Reminiscent of the best of Gail Parent and Alison Lurie, THE DOG YEAR is the story of a woman who had everything, lost everything, and now wants to shoplift the rest, including the hope of life after the death of her heart, lost when her husband and child died in a dreadful accident. Ann Wertz Garvin’s writing sneaks up on you: it is hilarious, until it’s poignant, until it’s heartbreaking. She leaves no heartstring untagged, no funny bone untapped, and every word she sets down is honest. New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Mitchard

“Ann Garvin has written another hilarious, insightful, and heartbreaking book. Lucy Peterman is one of Garvin’s signature characters: deeply flawed, nakedly honest, and a whip-smart sarcastic modern woman who finds herself adrift in a world that seems intent on leaving her behind. But Lucy does not give up easily. The Dog Year is a deeply intimate story of tragedy and recovery that readers and book clubs will treasure.” Matt Bondurant, author of The Night Swimmer (2012) and The Wettest County in the World (2008)


On Maggie’s Watch


"On Maggie's Watch" Ann Garvin Author

On Maggie’s Watch is currently available

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Maggie Finley has just returned to her beloved Wisconsin hometown, quirky best friend, and eccentric mother. Life should be good, but her marriage to Martin is suffering under the strain of a recent family

tragedy and Maggie’s feeling pressed for time.   Before the birth of her baby she has to figure out how to fit her high-anxiety-self into a low-anxiety-life.

True to her can do attitude, Maggie hires a compelling handy-man, resurrects a defunct Neighborhood Watch and inadvertently discovers a potential threat to her house and home living just around the corner. Choosing to investigate, despite her best friend’s advice to keep her nose out of it…and despite the risk, Maggie sets her sites on discovering the stranger’s secret.  As the mystery of the neighbor’s identity draws Maggie irresistibly in, her ordered life starts to unravel in surprising and hilarious ways.

Unexpectedly compelling and sparkling with wit and intelligence, this debut novel chronicles one woman’s quest for control over her surroundings, and the secrets and surprises that lie hidden in an ordinary suburban landscape.


Praise for ‘On Maggie’s Watch’

“I hope that Ann Wentz Garvin’s ‘On Maggie’s Watch’ is the first of many novels, in part because her voice is intelligent and fresh and in part because she chooses a topic that hasn’t been done to death. Garvin’s novel strikes at the ease with which a parent can go global with paranoia faced by a very real threat — on paper. Yet, instead of a spiteful busybody, Maggie is a real friend, a real woman, not at all two-dimensional in her clumsy, funny, horrifying attempt at vigilante justice. Garvin’s writing is fresh, ironic, and psychologically intense.”
Jacquelyn Mitchard New York Times bestselling author The Deep End of the Ocean

“On Maggie’s Watch shows how we thrive, how we go on, in a life that’s neither perfect nor fair.  Ann Wertz Garvin writes with humor and compassion so well; just when I’d feel about to cry the scene would twist and I’d laugh out loud.  She has such deep understanding for her flawed and trying-to-get better characters; she obviously loves them, and so do we.”
Luanne Rice New York Times bestselling author The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners

“On Maggie’s Watch is equal parts compelling, entertaining and poignant a story that tackles a serious topic and leaves readers questioning the way they judge others.”
Holly Kennedy The Penny Tree, The Silver Compass, and The Tin Box

“Maggie Finley is a woman at loose ends. Having suffered through the birth of a stillborn daughter, Maggie is pregnant again. As part of her desperate search for security and stability, she and her husband have moved to her Wisconsin hometown, where Maggie restarts the long-defunct Neighborhood Watch program. As Maggie gets closer to her due date, her focus on safety and perceived threats increases, as does her already neurotic behavior. One of these perceived threats is a handsome new male friend, another threat is a mysterious sex offender in the neighborhood. Compelling because it touches on so many issues relevant to modern parenting and suburban life. This debut novel remains tightly focused on Maggie’s unraveling and reconnecting. An included reader’s guide makes the book a perfect fit for suburban reading groups.”
Booklist Review

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'The Dog Year' is Ann Garvin's new new novel released by Berkley-a Penguin imprint.

'The Dog Year' is Ann Garvin's new novel by Berkley-a Penguin imprint. The Dog Year brings to life new characters that we fall in love with through their everyday happenstance and lively interactions. Meet Ann here in a brief video about her novel, 'On Maggie's Watch' available through these retailers.

"I know of few authors who are funnier or more sympathetic than Ann Garvin, and I know of few heroines more in need of comic relief and sympathy than Dr. Lucy Peterman. This novel will make your stomach hurt with laughter and your heart ache with sadness. The Dog Year is a kind, gentle, honest look at a woman whose life has come apart and a survivor who puts it all back together."

New York Times best selling author Wiley Cash Author of A Land More Kind Than Home & the upcoming This Dark Road to Mercy

Ann Garvin is published by: Berkley/Jove