Quiz: Are you a dog or a cat? And what that says about you.

I took a quiz and you can too in a minute.

Turns out, if you are a dog it appears that you are a people pleaser, people don’t take you seriously and you have attention deficit of some kind and possibly a restraining order in your past.

If you are a cat you are sophisticated, cool, choosy, and might knife a loved one in their sleep just because.

Five minutes with me and it’s clear which animal I identify with. I’m overly friendly, don’t respect people’s personal space and while I don’t go so far as licking new people, I will unapologetically hug them. Since I am not completely clueless my hugs come with a warning. “I’m a hugger,” I say just before embracing them. If they stiffen before I make contact I will read the signs and give them a high five instead, unless I don’t pull up in time, in which case it’s awkward for both of us. I’m sorry.

I’ve been thinking about my labradoodle tendencies, my desire to connect with people in such an overt way. I wonder if it comes from low-self esteem, people pleasing and loneliness but I don’t think so. I think it comes something I learned when I was in Nursing school, eons ago. There is such a thing as the therapeutic use of touch and I want to be a part of that therapy–if people need it. *insert all consent conversations and concepts here.

I’m not Mother Teresa. I get irritated AF at people too, but when I’m not irritated, guarding my own boundaries, shouting at the squirrel in my front yard to eat someone’s else’s nuts for a change (hee hee), I want to connect. There is a quiz at the end of this blog post where you can find out if you are a dog or cat but let me offer a few clues.

You are a dog if you: Cry at marathons and fun-runs listening to people cheer-on the runners because that kind of beautiful enthusiasm almost requires a tear or two. You are a dog if you just want to hang out with people and nap but part of you must be on top of them so they know you are there. You are a dog if you eat too much too fast.

You are a cat if you: Are no-nonsense in your love for your people and you don’t go on and on about it. You like parallel play as much as the next person and want your confidence to rub off on your beloveds. You are a cat if you prefer to nap in your own space and not have that read into. It is what it is. And, finally, you eat what you want, please shut up about it.

If you want something a little more quiz-like try this:

Click here:

PS. Here’s the twist. Dog and Cat people are more alike than different. We like people. We just sometimes show it differently. If you don’t like people then this quiz isn’t for you. If you don’t like people I think your quiz is the Are you a snake or a spider quiz–no shade to either. I just think they don’t like people.

xoAnn (I’m a big fan of dogs and this is why)

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